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The red fruit flavours in the rose will not only pair well with turkey

Washington: For many of us who love to cook and host on Thanksgiving, one central mystery remains: What to pour? Before I turn to the experts, I’ll offer up three things I do know about wine on this holiday:1. Seek out wine with savoury, briny and bitter notes. do they work with the same wine?"He points out that "a turkey day plate contains bland (turkey), sweet (sweet potato or yams), bitter (some green thing, maybe brussels sprouts), umami (the gravy or the stuffing), sweet and sour (cranberry sauce) and the oddity (whatever family food heirloom finds its way onto an already stuffed plate). The natural wines coming out of the Finger Lakes and Vermont are excellent choices, Feiring says, as well as high-elevation areas like California’s Sierra Foothills. It’s a fizzy red (yes, red!) that is served chilled, from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy.

I like to put out an assortment of bottles and let the wine gods speak to the guests as they like. "And by things, I mean ."Talk to your local wine store manager to see what they have in stock. "The red fruit flavours in the rose will not only pair well with turkey, other meats and sides, but the crispness and lively acidity of these wines cut through the fat. Now more than ever you can find beautifully made dry Lambrusco. Josh Wesson, partner and wine director at Suprema Provisions in New York City, confirms my laissez faire attitude."Stop fretting over wine-and-food matching," he says."With root vegetables, look for acid and earthiness in wine, she says."So. Alice Feiring, author of "Natural Wine for the People" (Ten Speed Press, 2019), advises: "Look for organic viticulture, and then no additives. "The right sparkling wine can be served throughout the meal, and a brut (dry) rosé sparkling wine is an elegant and unexpected Thanksgiving pairing," she says."

They’re kind of a fad now, but they’re so good, they won’t go away," she says. Grenache is one such wine, ranging in style from fresh to complex, generally "luscious with good acidity that will help your palate avoid fatigue from the many flavours of the turkey day feast. Do not make yourself crazy by trying to pair individual wines with individual courses because a) there really are no individual courses, b) the variety of flavours on the plate is wide, and c) not everyone is helping themselves to the same foods at the same time. What to drink with all that? Grieco is devoted to riesling, a generally perfumery, acidic white wine, and thinks Thanksgiving dinner is a perfect time to use it. Wesson notes that rich, potent potables can quite literally knock out your guests before they reach the pumpkin pie, so he suggests looking for young wines with good acidity, bright fruit and alcohol levels below 14 per cent."

Mann also recommends my current favourite sparkling wine, lambrusco. He chooses US wines for this American holiday, recommending rieslings from the coasts, specifically New York State, Washington, Oregon and California."Mann says one trick for finding the right wine for the Thanksgiving meal is to look toward winemaking China automatic liquid soft packaging machines Suppliers regions like Spain and France with a rich and varied gastronomic tradition. "Given the wild riot of flavours and textures on the Thanksgiving table, it’s wiser to forgo precise pairings in favour of supple, easy-drinking bottles (colour doesn’t matter) that play well with a wide range of foods."The Burgundy region in France is considered the benchmark for pinot noir, she says, but if you’re looking to stay domestic, you can find "superb" pinot noir from Oregon. "Let’s acknowledge that the foods that generally share space on the Thanksgiving plate, while super yummy, are generally not things we would put together if we were truly being thoughtful about things," he says."

When things get heated around the dinner table, a nice chilled wine can save the day and the meal," says Mann.2."Paul Grieco, manager at the New York wine bar Terrior, does think about pairings, but in a loose fashion. Sparkling wines should also be on the table, Mann says." He stays domestic with Rhone-styled wines from the West Coast, such as syrahs or cinsaults, and agrees with Mann that grenaches are also good choices. "But if you’ve never had one, you have to forget everything you know about white wine (fruity, intense aromas) and have faith; food-friendly and versatile. One of its charms, she says, "is that it is a lighter bodied red with no aggressive tannins that will compete with the heavy meal."And even riesling fan Grieco says "you must have a red wine or there will be a mutiny..She is also a proponent of orange wines, which are whites made like reds so they have tannins.

He also recommends choosing something that isn’t too complex (or expensive). Opinions vary on what tastes delicious.Wanda Mann, a writer and founder of the wine-lifestyle website The Black Dress Traveler , agrees that the "explosion of savoury and sweet" at Thanksgiving makes it challenging to find one ideal wine. And that little bit of fizz keeps your palate perky and primed for the next serving of your favourite dish. "You can’t go wrong with the tried and true pairing of the Thanksgiving meal with a pinot noir," she says. "Best to save your precious and pricy bottles for a more intimate gathering and stick to offerings under USD 25 you can buy in quantity.". Simple. "Toss aside old memories of sticky sweet mass-produced lambrusco. You don’t want to run out.3.."At this most boisterous of holiday meals, the real stars are the food, friends and family," he says

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It will also launch a nationwide agitation against demonetisation

Alleging that some BJP leaders have been caught with stashes of new currency notes, Surjewala demanded a high-level inquiry.As the Centre’s 50-day deadline to end demonetisation woes comes to an end, the Congress has finally begun to make sense of its approach against demonetisation. The PM obviously can’t accept these demands in toto but whatever announcement he makes the congress can claim that it was due to its pressure.Jaipur: Toeing the party line, Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala attacked the BJP in Jaipur on Thursday and put forward various demands for the poor in the state, who, he claimed, have been most hurt by the demonetisation drive.Congress’ attack comes on the back of reports of Rs 500 crore allegedly deposited in a cooperative bank in Ahmedabad just two days after demonetisation of currency was announced. Also, number of work days and minimum wages for MNREGA should be doubled for a year."

Ordinary people are standing in bank lines to withdraw money, but a parallel black market flourishes in converting black money into white by charging commission up to 30 per cent commission," he alleged." He asked the PM to apologies to the people for causing huge inconvenience and loss of human lives.Accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of maintaining double standards, Surjewala said, "Modi ji you talk about digital payments even for tea, then why Rs 3 crore was transferred to your UP party office in cash". On the penultimate day of the demonetisation, the party not only asked pertinent questions but also played smart by putting forward demands just two days before Prime Minister’s expected address to the nation.He said that food grains distributed through public distribution system under food guarantee act be given at half the rate, while asking for special onetime bonus of 20% over and above the MSP for all rabi crops.He also compared the Prime Minister to Rs 2,000 note saying, "

Modi ji is like the new Rs 2,000 note, very colourful, looks good also, but just doesn’t work.The congress also wants 50% rebate in income packing machines Suppliers tax and sales tax for small traders and enterprises while asking the central government to compensate the states for the loss of revenue on this account.It is a clever move as the PM is expected to make some announcement to provide relief to the people for their sufferings of 50 days.In addition, the government should pay allowance to all those who lost jobs between November 8 and March 6, he added. Its statements and slogans carry enough punches. As per the bank’s website, Amit Shah is one of its directors.Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala who was in Jaipur to address the media as part of nationwide strategy said that food grain through PDS under food guarantee act to be given at half the rate.

Also, number of work days and minimum wages for MNREGA should be doubled for a year.Congress’ attack comes on the back of reports of Rs 500 crore allegedly deposited in a cooperative bank in Ahmedabad just two days after demonetisation of currency was announced. As per the bank’s website, Amit Shah is one of its directors.Earlier, cash worth Rs 10 crore in old currency was found in a private car in Maharashtra in a case where state ministers Pankaja Munde, Subhash Deshmukh and MP Pritam Munde are allegedly linked. Besides asking 18% interest for the time period the restrictions remain in place.He further demanded that Rs 25,000 be deposited in the account of at least one women member of a BPL family.. Surjewala said.Hoping to reap political benefit either ways whether the PM accepts, rejects or partially accepts; the Congress has demanded removal of all restrictions on withdrawal of money.Apart from that, the Congress is now also asking relevant questions and its attack is also much focused now.

At the same time, he asked for special onetime bonus of 20% over and above the MSP for all rabi crops. It has also asked the government to abolish charges on digital transactions. Alleging that some BJP leaders have been caught with stashes of new currency notes, Mr Surjewala demanded a high-level inquiry. The congress also wants 50% rebate in income tax and sales tax for small traders and enterprises while asking the central government to compensate the states for the loss of revenue on this account. He also compared the PM to Rs 2000 note saying, "Modi ji is like the new Rs 2000 note, very colourful, looks good also, but just doesn’t work."Ordinary people are standing in bank lines to withdraw money, but a parallel black market flourishes in converting black money into white by charging commission up to 30 per cent commission," he alleged. Particularly as assembly elections in five states including crucial Uttar Pradesh are round the corner.

It will also launch a nationwide agitation against demonetisation and other issues on January 6. In addition, the government should pay allowance to all those who lost jobs between November 8 and March 6. After naming RBI "Reverse Bank of India" to make light of daily changing rules, the congress spokesperson today came up with another impressive punchline: "Ramchandra keh gaye siya se aisa kalyug aayega, mehnatkash khada hoga line mein aur beimaan ka karz chukayega".Rs 25000 should be deposited in the account of at least one women member of a BPL family, Mr."Mr Surjewala asked the PM to apologise to the people for causing huge inconvenience and loss of human lives

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This disclosure was also required to be made within two working days

Subsequently, Tata Steels stake in Tinplate rose to 73.96 per cent in May 2014 pursuant to a scheme of amalgamation, but time disclosures were made for these.This led to Tata Steels stake in Tinplate increasing from 30.In an order passed on Thursday, Sebi said Tinplate in September 2009 had announced an issue of 4,31,90,851 equity shares on a rights basis to its existing shareholders, together with the issue of 1,79,96,188 fully convertible debentures in the ratio of 5 fully convertible debentures for every 8 equity shares.88 per cent. Upon this increase, Tata Steel was required to make the necessary disclosures within two working days to Tinplate as required under Sebi regulations.However, it was alleged Tata Steel made the said disclosures belatedly on July 2, 2012.44 per cent.Sebi further said that Tata Steels further submissions reiterated these points and suggested that the lapse on its part was technical in nature and the same should be condoned or a nominal penalty may be imposed on it.

Accordingly, Sebi imposed Rs 10 lakh fine, saying it is commensurate with the defaults committed by the company.As regulations seek to ensure fair treatment by mandating timely and adequate disclosures to enable investors make an informed decision, Tata Steel was found to be liable for monetary penalty by failing to make the necessary disclosures within the prescribed timelines, Sebis order said. Further, on April 1, 2011, Tinplate again allotted 3,13,58,123 equity shares to Tata Steel pursuant to the rights issue and in terms of the letter of offer dated September 3, 2009.Further, pursuant to its undertaking to apply for equity shares and fully convertible debentures, Tata Steel had also subscribed to and was allotted an additional 86,73,599 equity shares and 1,17,00,093 fully convertible debentures.

New Delhi: Markets regulator Sebi on Thursday imposed a penalty of Rs 10 lakh on Tata Steel for delay in making necessary disclosure about its increased shareholding in a group firm, Tinplate Company of India Ltd.Tata Steel currently holds nearly 75 per cent in Tinplate, a separately listed group firm, which is among the countrys largest producer of tinplate and its products are used for canning and packaging of processed foods, paints, beverages, dairy and other products. This disclosure was also required to be made within two working days, but Tata Steel disclosed the rise in stake only on May 13, 2011.Noting that Tata Steel has admitted the violation by making the prescribed disclosures with a delay on both occasions, Sebi said it does not "find any merit in the submissions of the noticee that no irreparable harm or injury has been occurred either to investors or to the public at large dealing in securities due to the said delayed disclosures".

On October 12, 2009, Tinplate allotted 2,19,86,099 equity shares to Tata Steel as part of its rights entitlement in terms of the rights issue.88 per cent to 59.44 per cent in September 2012 following an open offer, and further to 74..It was observed that as part of the rights entitlement in terms of the rights issue, Tata Steel had subscribed to and was allotted 1,33,12,500 equity shares and 55,46,875 fully convertible debentures.Regarding the alleged lapses in first two cases, Tata Steel submitted before Sebi that there was no actual or effective breach of the disclosure requirements as the underlying purpose of the regulations was fulfilled by virtue of the information being present in the public domain by way of compliance with other applicable statutes by the two firms.

As a result of this, Tata Steels stake increased from 42.82 per cent to 42.Sebis adjudicating officer for the case said the material available on record that any quantifiable gain or unfair advantage accrued to Tata Steel or the extent of loss suffered by the investors as a result of the default cannot China large capacity automatic filling machine detailss Suppliers be computed, but the defaults were "repetitive in nature"

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We have entered into an agreement with the Reserve Bank that the RBI

Read: ‘Inflation soared under UPA, now at 6 per cent’: Modi takes swipe at CongThis was seen as the government putting the seal on outgoing RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan's inflation-first model of monetary policy. We have not allowed inflation rate to cross 6 per cent because of the continued steps taken by us," he said.In accordance with a monetary policy framework agreement it had entered into with RBI in February last year, government earlier this month notified consumer price inflation target of 4 per cent for the next five years, with an upper tolerance level of 6 per cent and lower limit of 2 per cent. So that they rise above the debate and work for balancing inflation and growth," he said.07 per cent in July, the fastest pace in nearly two years, and it is expected that the implementation of new Goods and Services Tax (GST) may push up inflation further.Hundred per cent FDI has been permitted in food processing.While monsoon has been good this year, excess rainfall has caused problems at some places, he said, adding that the government is fully committed to helping such states."

We have entered into an agreement with the Reserve Bank that the RBI will take steps towards controlling inflation in the range of 4 per cent, plus/minus 2 per cent.Read: Govt aims to provide 5-crore LPG connections within 3 years: ModiModi backed the 4 per cent inflation target, within a range of 2 food packaging machinerys Manufacturers percentage points either way, set for the next five years under the monetary policy framework agreement with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Also, pulse prices were a cause of concern.Modi said, "I will do all it takes to ensure that the poor man's food plate does not become expensive.5 times this year and with good monsoon and efforts like Minimum Support Price and bonus to farmers as well as increasing availability will make things better.Also, record urea production has meant that black marketing of the crop nutrient is a thing of past, he said, adding that farmers are being given crop insurance cover on minimum premium."

These steps will help realise the target of doubling farmers' income by 2022," he said.Modi backed the 4 per cent inflation target, within a range of 2 percentage points either way, for the next five years.Godown capacity of 15 lakh tonnes has been constructed to store crops and emphasis is being laid on all food processing and agro based industries to raise farm incomes.Read: No mention of judge's appointments by Modi in I-Day speech upsets CJICoupled with these factors, if the inflation were to rise at the pace witnessed in past, "I don't know what would have happened to a poor country like ours," he said.5 per cent of past dues of sugarcane farmers inUttar Pradesh being cleared and 95 per cent of crop being sold this season being already paid for.Modi said the country had faced two consecutive years of drought, pushing vegetable prices up.The Prime Minister said efforts by his government have led to 99."

We have made a lot of efforts to contain price rise," he said, adding he will leave no stone unturned to live up to expectations of people in controlling prices."In the past government, inflation rate had crossed 10 per cent."Read: Gold for the 'most boring speech' at Olympics, AAP ridicules ModiOn spike in prices of pulses, he said sowing of pulses has risen by 1.Delivering his third Independence Day address from the ramparts of Red Fort, he said his government has not allowed the rate of price rise to cross 6 per cent as opposed to the double digit inflation during previous government.Modi said unlike past governments, he has stayed away from populist measures and instead relied on empowerment.Consumer prices (CPI inflation) rose 6.New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday backed a new inflation target of 4 per cent as he vowed to keep food inflation under check and ensure that the food plate of the poor does not become expensive

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There are chances that they could be using contaminated feeds

-Egg handlers must wash hands with soap and clean surfaces and utensils that have come in contact with raw eggs.Food Safety practices for eggsA number of surveys have been conducted which suggest that consumers have less awareness of food safety risks of eggs as compared to other foods.-Eggs must be consumed within two weeks.Besides cooking eggs thoroughly there are other food safety practices that you need to follow when handling eggs to prevent cross-contamination. Indian eggs are often rejected for export because of the presence of chemical residues on egg shells," says Dr.New Delhi: According to a research study, Indian poultry farms lack the technical knowhow of European nations and also follow poor rearing practices.-Separate eggs in the grocery bags when shopping and in the refrigerator when storing.Also unhygienic rearing practices and lack of quality control measures can easily lead to egg contamination.-Containers that have been used to process raw eggs must not come in contact with ready-to-eat food.

There are chances that they could be using contaminated feeds or using feed ingredients without any knowledge of their nutritive value which can effect egg production.Lack of food safety procedures, improper storage facilities and poor transportation are some of the large capacity automatic filling machine detailss Suppliers other causes of deterioration in eggs.-It is advisable not to eat raw eggs.Recently, a number of eggs in the domestic market, in retail shops were collected and tested and were found to contain large amounts of salmonella both on the shell and inside the egg. Most people will follow the hygienic practices when handling chicken meat and fish but will overlook the recommended practices for eggs.-If eggs are left outside after refrigeration then they need to be discarded within two hours. The FSSAI has laid down parameters which state that the eggshells must be free of blood rings, must not be soiled or have faecal matter and they must not be cracked or leaking.

The FSSAI has proposed standards for fresh eggs in the Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Amendment Regulations, 2017.These standards will come into force once they are approved. In India no such measures are taken and risk of egg contaminationincreases. It is not a wrong observation that people do not wash their hands after handling eggs or even after breaking raw eggs when cooking. Since most consumers buy eggs from retail outlets the chances of contracting salmonella infection increases.FSSAI has laid down the amount of water, protein, fats and carbohydrates that eggs must contain as also the hygienic parameters and hygienic controls, like time and temperature, that must be observed during production, processing and handling which includes sorting, grading, washing, drying, treatment, packing, storage and distribution to point of consumption. They are indeed safe if they have been cooked properly, which means that they must be cooked till their yolks and whites have become firm.Developed countries take measures to sterilise the egg surface from contamination especially from Salmonella enteritidis.

It is not just the poultry farmers but traders, exporters and even consumers are unaware of the health risks of egg contamination."India has become a leading poultry producer but the potential to reach the global markets is not very bright as the quality of the products does not meet international standards. FSSAI has laid emphasis on the storage conditions like moisture and temperature so as to reduce microbial contamination as microbial pathogens are a risk to human health. Saurabh Arora, Founder of Food Safety helpline and Food Safety Mobile App.. Dishes that contain eggs as ingredients must reach an internal temperature of 160o Fahrenheit which is the temperature required for salmonella to be destroyed through cooking.-Refrigerate eggs only after they have been washed.-Temperature of the refrigerator must be maintained at 33 to 40o Fahrenheit.However, fresh eggs collected from farms indicated less salmonella contamination.This is probably because of the perception that eggs are generally safe

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Family meals have been a priority ever since the three Borgoff children

Long before Tim Hollingsworth earned the James Beard Foundation’s Rising Star Chef of the Year award and served as chef de cuisine at French Laundry, he was learning to cook by his mother’s side at home.If family members with dementia can be involved in meal prep or table setting even in a small way, that may give them some sense of peace and what Molony calls "at-homeness.Acheson’s father, a former professor, developed Alzheimer’s about five years ago.The menu didn’t really matter: "I could have ordered pizza," Borghoff says."Food is so much about finding a thread of personal history where it means something to you, and I think that’s as much for the caregiver as for the person suffering through dementia or Alzheimer’s," Acheson says."It was the best time, because everyone would sit around and for whatever reason, we were always laughing," she says. Instead, Acheson might grill a good steak and simply pair it with a fresh, green salad. "We make memories over good food that’s been cared for and means something, prepared with attention and thought and love.

Sharing meals was always a part of their relationship, but it’s taken on new meaning for Hugh Acheson as his father’s memory fades. Sharing these meals with relatives helped both men regain a bit of their old personalities, even if just for a short time. It was the familiar and comforting experience of lingering around the table together even after the plates were empty."I’m not gonna make him the burnt rice and fish sticks that he made us, which I’m sure was delivered with love," he says."For Kim Borghoff and her family, keeping a tradition of Sunday meals helped maintain a sense of normalcy as her husband and his father were simultaneously struggling with Alzheimer’s disease."Drew hopes that during the holiday season, families will embrace the sometimes challenging experience of sharing meals with relatives who are dealing with dementia, and that they won’t feel pressure to make everything from scratch.One caregiver whose husband has Alzheimer’s told Drew about a weekly dinner she hosts along with another caregiver whose spouse has dementia: "They’ve been friends for decades and they love to get together for supper," Drew explains. "

This food ritual can help older adults with dementia reconnect with their own personhood.Although she’s not really able to participate in the cooking, being present for the preparation and eating of familiar dishes with her son helps bridge the distance that dementia can create.When we make and share food with others, "we feel a sense of usefulness and belonging," says Sheila Molony, professor of nursing at Quinnipiac University and a gerontology researcher. Along with Hollingsworth, they’ve enlisted other chefs, including Hugh Acheson, chef and owner at the Georgia restaurants 5&10 and The National, to help spread the word." It helps them feel like part of the social fabric of a family or community."This fall, the Alzheimer’s Association has been spreading the word about the connecting power of mealtime through their Around the Table program."Ruth Drew, director of information and support services at the Alzheimer’s Association, often hears from caregivers about the positive moments that can happen during meals with loved ones.

Family meals have been a priority ever since the three Borgoff children — now in their 20′s — were growing up."When you’re with the kids and you start talking about memories," she says, it’s "good for the caregivers and the family to be China large capacity automatic filling machine detailss Factory able to get that person back and remember those times."."Acheson agrees that the people are the priority.A good meal made with love can draw out a person with dementia and bring them real joy, he says, "even if they’ve completely gotten to the point where they may not have that connection to the family story. But he says caregivers can help themselves by making sure the meals are tasty and memorable. So Acheson doesn’t cook the same dishes they had years ago."Whether we’re sharing a recipe or a memory about food, we’re really linking into the meaning of being," Molony says.Today, Hollingsworth — the winner of Netflix’s "The Final Table" and owner of Otium in Los Angeles — returns the favour. At these dinners, the caregiver’s husband is so comfortable that "he’s able to be at his best," she says."

We just don’t make memories over Pizza Pockets," he says. His mother, now struggling with memory loss, sits with him as he cooks her favourite recipes, from fragrant pots of chili to comforting platters of chicken and dumplings. So when her father-in-law and husband were both diagnosed with Alzheimer’s several years ago, Borghoff began making sure that every other Sunday, the whole family had dinner together. As a kid, Hollingsworth would measure ingredients to help his mom make dinner, and he’d talk with her and sample the dishes as they cooked.If caregiving leaves little time for holiday cooking, she says, families can "do something different that is a little bit no-frills and no fuss, and focus the time and the energy on the people around the table.``As a single father raising four kids and a full-time academic," Acheson says, his father didn’t have much time to cook gourmet meals. "He holds conversations. He can crack jokes

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And urges readers to choose and take the right side

Their attachment with Kashmir stayed limited to celebrating Shivratri, the most important festival of Kashmiri Pandits, and relishing delectable Kashmiri cuisines.Nandita Haksar’s The Flavours of Nationalism: Recipes for Love, Hate and Friendship is a bold memoir that deftly touches upon various aspects of our daily lives — from food to politics to nationalism to feminism — and adds a delicious flavour to all. She gives a fairly objective and unbiased view on automatic filling machines Suppliers each topic, at times reacting particularly strongly toward issues like beef ban and vegetarianism which, she argues, has crafted a clear demarcation between Muslims and Hindus.Sabari Raychaudhuri is a critic who runs several book clubs.The author also shares choicest recipes she had carefully preserved, which could open up the door to a new world of food for many interested readers.

And urges readers to choose and take the right side. Very often she discovered that it’s always another woman who coerced a woman to suppress her desires, and acted as an instrument herself to make the situation graver.As a feminist, Haksar objects strongly to the inequality and gender bias prevailing in the society, and also points out how a girl child is expected to grow into an expert in housework, while a male child has the right to enjoy finer aspects of life. As a die-hard meat-eating brahmin who has grown up savouring all fleshy delicacies, she considers it sacrilegious to interfere with anyone’s food choices. But they recognised themselves as Kashmiris without any degree of self-consciousness. There are forays into feminism, politics, nationalism, socialism, her role and involvement in Naxalite movements, impact of imported goods on local markets, caste and class divisions, the impact of religion in the lives of Indians.

Haksar writes of how food occupies a core part of Indian lives, and what could have been a major factor for healthy national integration has sadly ended up as the causal agent for division amongst the people. This kind of reigns as the central theme in the book.Born into a Kashmiri brahmin family, Haksar’s ancestors hailed from the Kashmir Valley in the beginning of the century, but later settled in the plains. She gives an example of her own parents, both of whom were excellent cooks.In her professional avatar as an ardent human-rights lawyer, Haksar has famously represented victims of Army atrocities in the Northeast, Kashmiris framed in terrorism cases, hapless migrant workers and refugees seeking asylum in India.As the daughter of a diplomat father with a career that took him to several countries, her exposure to food and culture from different parts of India and abroad takes readers on quite a memorable journey that is sure to linger for a long time.

At the same time, she soundly writes against the food politics in the country that she alleges has become a prime trigger for disharmony in the present time.Even in her professional life, she faced situations where her male colleagues expected her to pour tea just because she was the only female member present in the meeting!The random, almost casual display of favouritism for a male child often met with her staunch protests. But while her father drew all the recognition for his culinary skills, none found it important to give credit to her mother.Though a memoir, this book raises some big questions: Are we Indians first and foremost, or are our regional identity and religion the primary identities?She writes: "My parents had brought me up as an Indian and instilled the fact that we were Indian first, Indian second and Indian last.She recollects that her family never had any special fondness or memory of Kashmir that they could talk about. Lagos then was the capital of the newly-independent Nigeria.

Over the years, they mingled with the local populace and ended up adopting the new culture, rituals and languages of the plain with ease.The book ends with a question: In a country where one in nine go to bed hungry, seven thousands of them die of hunger every single day, how important is it to rage a debate over if our ancestors did or did not eat beef? Or to thrash an adivasi to death for stealing rice? Or file a criminal case against a cook for not disclosing her caste?"Caste system and patriarchy deny the basic premise of democracy: the right to live with dignity, equality and self-respect," she writes. Her parents, who forever considered food as an important binder of diplomatic ties and long-lasting friendships, had started the Diwali Mela in Lagos. Having closely witnessed the injustices prevailing in our society, she has managed to produce a rich and convincing overview of certain contemporary issues."

What makes the book a further interesting read is the lucid narration of her personal experiences woven in tales which hits the conscience of readers and compels them to question: Are we on the right path?Haksar dreams of a society with equal rights, where people from all classes, religions, languages will mingle with each other in a free and unfettered manner; with open arms and be happy in the presence of one another — much like people naturally bond all over the country around street vendors, enjoying the same food, without caring about any further nuances. And till date this gets organised for the Indian diaspora every year as their biggest annual celebration.A number of other hot issues have been touched upon too. Haksar fondly remembers her stay at Lagos, Nigeria, when her father was posted there back in 1961

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The seeds should be lightly roasted before being used whole

Cumin is commonly used to temper automatic filling machines Manufacturers many other legume and tandoori preparations, to enhance the flavour and aroma. Cool and keep aside. Cumin seeds and cumin seed powder should be stored in a tightly sealed glass container in a cool, dark and dry place.Surprisingly, I learnt that cumin is not merely restricted to Indian cooking. Now stir in the mango pulp.Heat oil in a deep pan. Deep fry until golden brown and drain on a kitchen towel. Make thin crepes on a flat pan, cooking them on one side only. Check the seasonings and serve. Dip each roll in beaten egg, then roll in bread crumbs. Churan AamrakhandMango-flavoured yoghurtseasoned with cumin powderIngredients:30 gm mango pulp80 gm sugar 5 gm cashew nuts (4)4 gm roasted jeera powder150 gm fresh yogurt MethodFor curdTie fresh curd tightly in muslin or cheesecloth for draining water, hang it for two hours Take the hang curd and whisk it, beat it well to a smooth pasteFor MangoTake mango pulp and strain it.

The presence of thymol and other essential oils in cumin seeds stimulate the salivary glands thereby helping in the digestion of food. Do check the date of packaging before the purchase.Process Add sugar to the curd little by little while whisking continuously."Dishes using lamb and chicken often have a smattering of cumin much like Indian cooking," says Chef Su as he prepares a delectable cumin fried lamb, wok fried with garlic, oyster sauce and spring onion in the majestic settings of his restaurant. Sichuan cuisine is recognised for its hot and spicy delicacies resulting from the liberal use of bold and spicy ingredients including garlic and chilli peppers.When purchasing ensure that the seeds are not broken and have a fresh and crisp texture.Cumin fried lambWok fried with garlic, oyster sauce and spring onionIngredients:120 gm lamb, boneless slice20 ml vegetable oil25 gm cumin seeds3 gm garlic chopped5 gm red chilli dry1 gm white pepper powder3 gm soya sauce2 gm chilli powder5 gm spring onions25 gm oyster sauce30 gm cornstarch1 egg20 gm salt1 big onionseedMethod:In a bowl combine egg, cornstarch, salt and pepper.

Pour this mixture into serving bowl and chill in the refrigerator for two hours and serve cold. Cumin may also be pounded with other spices in mixtures such as curry powder, crushed cumin seeds may be used as a seasoning for buttermilk, salads, raita, soups, etc. But a foreigner will have a ready answer "chicken tikka masala or aloo tikki.Then return lamb to wok, add soya sauce and stir-fry for another one to two minutes. Stir it until mixed properly.. From the rice meat curries of Kashmir to the coconut-based ones of the South as well as traditional Gujarati vegetarian dishes and river fish recipes from Bengal, this gentle spice is an integral ingredient. Dal is tempered with cumin seeds to give it a warm and comforting flavour."Indian food is different not just from region to region but home to home. Add spring onion, oyster sauce and stir-fry for a minute. Serve hot with some spicy sauce or mayonnaise.Add roasted jeera powder.

Together with black peppercorns and coriander seeds, cumin is used to prepare the popular south Indian rasam," shares Sous Chef Lakhbir Singh, Ssaffron Restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel, Bengaluru.A versatile spice"The seeds should be lightly roasted before being used whole or ground to bring out the aroma.Lamb pantras — crispy pancake filled with lamb minceIngredientsFor 4 portions400 gm flour3 eggs200 ml milk50 gm butterSalt to taste500 gm mutton, minced1 onion, chopped10 gm ginger, chopped10 gm garlic, chopped100 gm potatoes, peeled and cubedChilli powder10 gm garam masala powder5 gm cumin powder10 gm coriander powderOil for deep frying500 gm bread crumbsFoodMethodOn low heat, cook the mince along with the chopped onion, garlic, ginger, potatoes, chilli powder, garam masala, cumin powder, coriander powder and salt with half cup of water till the potatoes are soft and the mince is cooked.Ask any Indian to define ‘Indian food’ and he will be dumfounded.Mix the flour, eggs, milk, butter and salt with a little water to make a thin batter. As I was all set to research this story in the great Indian kitchens across the country,

I was introduced to Chef Qiguo Su, Executive Chinese Chef, Shang Palace, Shangri-La Hotel, Bengaluru. I was surprised to learn that cumin plays an important role in this regional cuisine as well. Amongst the foremost is jeera or cumin, known to man since the Biblical times. Chef Qiguo Su specialises in Sichuan cuisine, one of China’s eight regional culinary traditions and the most popular world over.A multifarious spice that is an essential ingredient in every kind of regional cuisine, cumin or jeera is a staple in kitchens across Asia, says Fareeda Kanga.Place each crepe on a plate; add a tablespoon of mince mix on one end and roll up tucking in the sides as you would a spring roll. In this mélange of flavours there are some spices (just a handful) that are used in regional cookery across the length and breadth of the country. Add lamb and keep aside to marinate for one hour.Heat oil in the wok and add lamb, let it sear a moment, then deep fry until lamb is cooked and remove from wok. A healthy choiceRoasted cumin seed powder is added to buttermilk to aid digestion and enhance flavour.Again heat oil the wok, add cumin seeds and dry red chilli and stir-fry a few seconds until cumin seeds start to pop

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